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Brian Niemann Insurance was established in 2014 with the agency’s top priority and goal to protect the clients assets and loved ones. While initially opening as a captive agent, I bought out a 30 year book of

business from an agent who was retiring. I wanted to get a jump start on protecting clients with the book of business purchase by doing agency reviews with the clients and discovering gaps in their coverages and filling in the gaps for better protection.


In August of 2017 we had a Windstorm event named Hurricane Harvey which came into the coastal bend by hitting Rockport, Texas around 7pm on Friday August 25th with winds sustained around 140mph and a category 4 hurricane. It then moved from Rockport located in San Patricio County moving north over the cities of Bayside, Woodsboro and Refugio all located in Refugio County and then went into Bee County before wobbling and backing up into Refugio and Victorio County before it started its northerly path. The hurricane lasted for 11 hours with most areas having to endure hurricane force winds for the whole night. Devastation was everywhere. Most areas were without power for several weeks which also meant no running water. Human kindness was at its peak, days after the hurricane with communities coming together and helping their fellow neighbors. My concerns for the people who were caught up in the devastation became real with first light. While handling over 400 claims through my office alone it was non stop claims filing, many adjuster and client conversations, with the main focus on making sure the clients needs were being met.


Fast forward to October 4th, 2019. With any business, there can be corporate vision changes, risk appetite changes, rate increases, commission cuts to the agents providing the business for the captive carrier, annual large executive bonuses, moving target bonuses, which “take a mathematician to figure out” while realizing corporate only wants to pay out bonuses to the large agencies that tend to lose as much business as they write so I decided to rebrand my agency and go Independent since I started to realized that I wanted to control my agencies destiny, while be able to offer more carriers to take on more risk for the whole market place instead of searching for a particular client that fits what the captive carrier had to offer, I wanted to have carriers to protect what the clients need. 


Being Independent, means being able to offer more carriers, which means more coverage options and risk options which then translates into better value and excellent rates.

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